2014 Rules

   Safety: All drivers are to wear a full-face helmet, neck brace, racing suit or jacket, and gloves at all times while on the track. No long sleeve shirts may be used as a jacket. If flag or light displays a caution, slow down. No racing back to the flag. No driving in the pits. Once the kart has crossed the scale area, the engine must be turned off. Other forms of transport such as golf carts or four wheelers will be permitted as long as an adult 16 or older operates them safely. Please obey all track officials at all times. Disrespecting track officials will not be tolerated.

   Personal Conduct: The driver is responsible for the actions of his or her crew. Any unsportsmanlike conduct on or off the track, such as cursing or fighting, will not be tolerated. This rule is a zero tolerance policy. One strike and you are out for the year. Any call made by an official is final. If a situation occurs on the track, leave it there. You will race another day. If the situation carries over to the scale house, other crews should leave the area and not get involved. The track officials and parties involved will settle it. We want to promote a fun and friendly atmosphere for everyone.

   Fighting and Illegal Substances: Anyone caught drinking or using illegal substances will be removed from the premises immediately. If you are caught with an illegal substance, you will be barred from the track for life. Anyone fighting will be fined $200.00. If a driver is caught fighting, they will be fined $200.00, lose any points or winnings for that day, and will be barred from the track for one year.

   Weather: In the event of a rainout, procedure will be as follows:

• Practice then rain, full rain check
• Heats or qualifying then rain, completed show

We will do our best to have features if rain is in the area, but we need your cooperation to move the show along. Check www.4cycle.com for race day updates.

Adult pit passes are $10, children 6-12 are $7,and ages 5 and under are free. Kid Kart registration is $10, all other registration fees will fluctuate weekly. Please check our website, Facebook page or 4cycle.com for general event information.

   Pit Area and Grid Rules: Only truck and trailers, kart buggies, four wheelers, and golf carts are allowed in the pit area. All other vehicles must park in the designated areas. No wet tires in the grid area. We will only allow kart, driver, and two crewmembers in the grid area. All drivers should attend the mandatory driver’s meeting to go over all rules, regulations, and updates for the event. We will provide trash barrels along with trash bags so please use them. We do not want any trash left in the pit area. Oil containment is your responsibility. We will not have oil barrels for you to use.

   Race Structure: Qualifying will consist of up to 5 karts on track for 3 lap sessions. If you miss your group for any reason, we will take your fastest lap when you are able to qualify. Once your class has qualified all karts, you will not be allowed to qualify after any remaining class. Kid Karts will run a 5 lap heat and 10 lap feature. All other classes will run 20 lap features with a 20 minute time limit. All features will start double file.

Points Structure:

1. 100     16. 70       31. 40
2. 98       17. 68      32. 38
3. 96       18. 66      33. 36
4. 94       19. 64      34. 34
5. 92       20. 62      35. 32
6. 90       21. 60      36. 30
7. 88       22. 58      37. 28
8. 86       23. 56      38. 26
9. 84       24. 54      39. 24
10. 82     25. 52      40. 22
11. 80     26. 50      41. 20
12. 78     27. 48      42. 18
13. 76     28. 46      43. 16
14. 74     29. 44      44. 14
15. 72     30. 42      45. 12

*A Disqualification of any kind cannot be dropped. In the event of a tie for your final points position we will go by number of wins.












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