Rules & Procedures

Click here for the 2017 NKA TrakBook

Providence Raceway Inc. Track Rules
Tires: Open Tire Rule
Clone: NKA
Other: WKA

ETHANOL only fuel

Tires may be cut and prepped.
NO prepping outside your pit.
Do NOT wipe on your tires at the grid!

All Jr. Classes small pipe
Adult classes big pipe

Feature races will be 20 laps or 20 minutes.
3 karts or less will have 10 laps or 10 minutes.
Time starts at the drop of the 1st GREEN Flag.
There will be NO WAITING for anyone at the grid.

Clone Engines = NKA Rules
All Karts = NKA
Muffler in all classes

Here are our UPDATED rules for our 2020 Predator class:

2020 Predator Rules
1) Out of box stock

2) Class weight 390lbs & 360lbs

3) 5100 Max RPM/ Checked by our device post race. 5101 is illegal.

4) Governor must surge-5100 max RPM on kart stand.

5) Open clutch with gear rule = 18 front tooth driver and Rear gear 55-57 .

6) You may disconnect vent tube on tank.

7) We recommend a jam nut on the throttle stop screw.

8) You can only bolt on chain guard and add heat shield.

9) You can unplug oil sensor.

10) You can vent the gas cap.

11) During the race no pushing is allowed.

12) When asked you must run the tracks engine.

13) All tech will be done race day.

14) Engine tech compare to known stock.

15) You can protest the kart in front of you for $200.00 and $50.00 to accept.

16) Hemi head and Non Hemi head predators are allowed.


Entry Fees:
Kid Karts: $15
All other classes: $25 entry fee+ $5 transponder=$30

Impound Area
Take your kart to impound and leave it.  Don’t touch other karts.  Anyone caught in impound without a senior tech’s permission will be disqualified. The ONLY ONE to give permission to leave the impound area is the Senior Tech Official.  Gas checkers can tell you your gas is okay but only the Senior Tech Official may give you permission to leave the tech area.

All classes MUST meet weight.  The number MUST display and hold. If you do not weigh after your class even if you pull off you get last place points. So remember even if you finish 5th you need to weigh or you will lose all those points and get last place points.
Pre-Race Inspections are for YOUR safety.  They have nothing to do with post-race tech.

Red Plate class gear rule 17/65. Rear gear cannot be a skip tooth gear. Right Rear tire cannot be bigger than 34 1/2 inches.

Protest = $200.00                             Accept = $50.00
Must be done as soon as karts complete weigh in at scales.

All tech decisions will be made race day.  No parts will be sent off.
Be positive.  Display good sportsmanship.  Race hard.  Race Safe. Have fun! 

For more parking info please see homepage, or please call 309-202-9844.

PARENTS: It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your child KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS what each flag means.
Yellow: Caution, SLOW Down
Red: Stop at the red flag
Passing Flag: MOVE over to the inside